Dr. Tim Jennings Show

Dr. Jennings lays out the differences between healthy love and codependency or love addiction. Some attributes can be very subtle,
Dr. Jennings explains how depression is a brain-body disease, the neuro-biological causes of depression, how current anti-depressant drug therapies work,
Dr. Jennings provides principles and sound advise on how to find and select a life partner who is a healthy
Dr. Jennings explains the difference between design law, like the law of love, the law of liberty, and the law
This discussion centers around elements Dr. Jennings writes about in his book, "The God-Shaped Brain," related to how our view
Dr. Jennings discusses the seven level of moral decision-making detailed in his new book, The God-Shaped Heart, How Correctly Understanding
Psychiatrist, Dr. Tim Jennings, discusses how to have a healthy mind, how to exercise and strengthen the three mental attributes
Psychiatrist, Dr. Tim Jennings, introduces himself and explains his profession before expanding on the principles of his "evidence-based approach to