God And Your Brain seminar

Session 1 -The God-Shaped Brain

Our brains are in a constant state of flux. Moment by moment new connections are forming, idle tracks are being pruned back and brain circuits are changing. Discover how our beliefs change our brain wiring, our physical health, and even which genes are turned on or turned off. Do your beliefs matter — more than you ever knew!

Session 2 -Designer or Dictator?

How we view God changes us, physically and spiritually. How we conceive of God’s law and justice fires either love circuits or fear circuits and impacts our ability to love and trust. In this presentation Dr. Jennings explores the Biblical record of God’s law and how tradition slowly changed humanity’s conception of God and His law.

Session 3 -Buddha, Jesus, and the Brain

Buddha and Jesus are the two individuals who have perhaps impacted more people with their ideas and examples than any others in history. This presentation will contrast the philosophical differences underpinning their teachings while examining what recent brain science reveals about Eastern vs Biblical meditation.

Session 4 -Questions & Answers

Christian psychiatrist, Dr. Tim Jennings, answers audience questions on how our brains are in a constant state of flux and how our view of God changes us, physically and spiritually. Discover how your beliefs change your brain wiring, your physical health, and how even certain genes are turned on and off.