Episode 3 – The Seven Levels of Moral Decision-Making

Dr. Jennings discusses the seven level of moral decision-making detailed in his new book, The God-Shaped Heart, How Correctly Understanding God’s Love Transforms Us.

Tim Jennings


  1. Buddy

    Again loving this program thanks a lot Susan.

  2. Lenis

    Help me understand this verses 1 Kings 13 about the man of God and the lying prophet.
    Using the seven level of moral development looks like man of God did not do anything wrong for he responded to the laws of health..he needed something to eat but also he did not trust God to give him the food?
    Also the lying prophet was acting below level 4 but after the death of the man of God he came to understand their is a true God and what had been said by the man God will come to pass.
    This story disturbs me. For why did God of love not prevent the lion from killing the man of God? for God knew what will happen as H pronounced it to him through the lying prophet.

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