Dr. Tim Jennings Show

Experience changes brain structure and function. Beginning before conception, continuing in utero and through life, explore how environment, experience and
What is dementia? This presentation will tell you and then examine risk factors to developing Alzheimer’s Dementia and provide simple
Do you or someone you know struggle with depression? Discover what depression is, and how various antidepressant treatment work, their
Do you struggle with getting enough sleep? Discover what is normal sleep and what is not, how to improve your
Is marriage still relevant in the 21st Century? Are there any benefits to marriage? When is divorce the healthiest option?
What role should women hold within the church? Why has there been such apparent inequality between men and women in
Do you struggle with guilt? Can you tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate guilt? Do people manipulate you with
With today's progressively disintegrating family and resulting peril for children, what are some practical, yet sometimes painful, steps family members
Dr. Jennings explains 5 of the most common myths believed regarding forgiving someone of wrong doing and what true forgiveness