Episode 8 – Codependency: Healthy Love vs. Love Addiction

Dr. Jennings lays out the differences between healthy love and codependency or love addiction. Some attributes can be very subtle, while others have sharp contrasts. Find out where you’re at in your current relationship and discover how to reverse the damage if your’s is unhealthy.

Tim Jennings


  1. Rhonda

    This episode was so good I had to post it on my Facebook page. And I don’t put anything on Facebook. Only have it to see my family and friends page. But, I couldn’t resist! I want everyone to watch all the episodes. Any way to be able to email them to others?
    Thanks Dr. Jennings,my brain is loving these “counseling sessions”. Now…..how to get the brain healthy men to find the brain healthy women? You may need to start a dating service!!”/

    1. Tim Jennings

      Please use the contact page and send a message to our team. They will look into sending you the other episodes. Thank you.

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