Healing The Mind seminar

Have you ever been hurt, lonely, depressed, frightened and hopeless? Or maybe you have found yourself feeling helpless, that gut wrenching helplessness when someone you care about is hurting, distressed and on the verge of giving up and you don’t know how to help them. Did you wish you had something to give them, something that would help?

Healing the Mind is a breakthrough in understanding the mind which provides real answers for regular people. It describes in simple language how our mental faculties are designed to work, what happens when they don’t and provides straightforward methods for re-establishing the mind in a healthy balance.

The concepts described in this seminar have been successfully utilized by thousands of people who have experienced more than just improvement in mood, but also recovery of their God-given dignity, autonomy, and self-control.

This seminar empowers individuals to harness their mental powers to become thinkers, capable of discerning the healthy from the unhealthy, the right from the wrong, and to direct their lives into ever healthier levels of functioning.

Session 1 – God’s Design. What Went Wrong?

Session 2 – God’s Principle – The Law of Love and Liberty

Session 3 – The Fix for Failing Families

Session 4 – Demolishing Satan’s Strongholds

Session 5 – Depression – The Brain-Body Connection

Session 6 – Forgiveness – Common Myths (plus Q&A)